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HVLS Fans - High Volume Low Speed Fans

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Cooling & Ventilation System for industrial, commercial, food & agro industries with a wide range of innovative products like Evaporative air cooling, 24 feet Dia HVLS Fans, air distribution products etc. Evaporative air cooling are completly environment friendly and provide cool, fresh and filtered air at extremely low running cost. We also supply HVLS Fans & Exhaust systems.
HVLS Fans Benefits
HVLS fans can drive a large amount of air in very large space and circulate air across an area up to 20 meters from the fans center in all directions (over 1600 sq. meters for a 7.3 meter fan ). Air from above in pushed down to the floor below in a cone shape and then moves in a horizontal stream.
  • High Performance Industrial Fans
  • Single Fan Replaces multiple wall mounted fans
  • Distributes air up to 15,000 sq. ft,corner to corner. Outstanding Coverage without draft.
  • Running Costs reduction of upto 80% and payback in 6 months.
  • Variable speed controller to set and control airflow. Reverse operation options.
  • Earn LEED credits for sustainable design.
  • Flexibility on Shop Floor for line layout & movement
  • 10 Years warranty on Mechanism & Materials
HVLS-FANs Advantages
   - Extremely High Level of Primary Safety for all Components
   - 35 mm Motor Dia. / M14 Bolts for Structure Chassis / Nylock Nuts & Loctite for all fasteners / Steel EN 10025 - 90 for Structure & Chasis / GI Wire Ropes with additional PVC Coating / etc.
  - Secondary Anti - Fall Safety Systems provided for all Major Components
    a. Structure - Secondary Wire rope to lock to building structure
    b. Blades - Embedded Wire Ropes in Blade
    c. Hub - Special Z Brackets for anti-fall etc.
   - Aerofoil blade Design with Blade Angle of 27 deg. for optimum Air Flow Rate & Thrust
   - Tapered Fan Blades for Uniform Air Distribution
    - Nord High Efficiency Motor & Gear Box for Low Running Costs
    - Can be Linked to Integrated Building management System (IBMS) through VFD
  Durability & Reliability
    - High Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Used for Aerofoil Blades
    - IP 55 Motor & Gearbox with Synthetic Oil & VFD from NORD-Germany, World leaders in Transmission Technology.
    - High Grade Steel upto 12mm thick with Hot Dip Galvanizing for best anti corrosion protection
    - GI Coated Wire Ropes with PVC Coating


  Note: Technical Specifications are Subject to Change without Notice